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Who is VoucherSkout?

VoucherSkout is a lifestyle brand built on an enjoy more ethos. We are an iOS & Android mobile app offering our users 50% off the best hospitality, wellness, leisure and entertainment venues across the UAE.


Why use VoucherSkout?

We are turning the value delivery market on its head. All our vouchers give you 50% off and we are a pay as you use, so you only pay for what you actually want, when you want it. Our slogan “enjoy more” perfectly sums up our mission. Our app encourages you to enjoy more of the best the UAE has to offer.


Who should be using VoucherSkout?

You! Anytime you’re searching for something to eat, something to do, or somewhere to get pampered, you need to look no further than VoucherSkout. Not only does VoucherSkout give you 50% off; it also serves as inspiration for the ever tiring pursuit of the best.

Take a tour – it’s all in there.


How does it work?

We currently have offers across six categories (Food & Drink, Brunch, Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Leisure, Family & Local Services and Learning) that capture the best of the UAE. Each category has a range of exclusive handpicked places with some mind-blowing offers. You do not pay for anything upfront, we are a pay as you use.
1. Pick a voucher you want to use
2. Check the voucher for validity, what’s included and what’s not included
3. Press the use now button when you are ready to use
4. Pass the phone to the merchant to enter their PIN
5. Pay for the voucher using credits
6. Show the confirmation code to the merchant
7. Enjoy that 50% off


How much does VoucherSkout cost?

VoucherSkout is and always will be, free to download.

You pay a small fee for a voucher which will give you the code needed to get your 50% off. Payments can be made using VoucherSkout credits (more on these later). Each voucher will be priced based on how much you will save.

Usually a voucher will cost 3 – 5 credits however some vouchers may cost more or less depending on how much you will save. The voucher prices are clearly labeled on the voucher and payment screens in the app.


How long a Voucher will be valid?

To make things simple, only valid offers are visible on VoucherSkout. Every voucher has a clear validity period for what days of the week this voucher can be used, this helps to plan your trip.


Can I use same voucher twice?

No. We do offer 4 vouchers per location so there is a chance 2 or more vouchers may be the same. If you redeem a voucher, you would be able to refresh it by paying a small fee. We are nice like that.


Can I redeem two vouchers at one outlet at the same time?

Yes. There are 4 vouchers available to you per outlet. You must check the group redemption limit on each voucher as you will not be able to redeem any more than that limit per group, table or booking.


I have a promo code. Where do I enter this?

Any valid promo codes need to be entered in the menu of the app. The menu is on the top right of the home page. You will see the promo code link and your code can be entered here. Please note only valid promo codes will be activated successfully. If you have any issues with your promo code please get in touch with our customer support.


I have a referral code from a friend. Where do I enter this?

Referral codes can be entered at any point before your first transaction. Referral codes are entered in the menu under the promo code tab.


What are VoucherSkout Credits?

Credits are a type of virtual currency which users can use to purchase a voucher. They make redemption quick and seamless.


How to get credits?

Credits are purchased in multiple packs from inside your app, we call these credit packs. Credit pack will lower the value of every voucher you purchase using these credits. Any purchased credits are valid for 18 months and will expire after that.


Can I get a refund?

Because you can not pre-purchase a voucher we do not offer any refunds on voucher purchases. For whatever reason should our system fail and you are charged then a full investigation will be made and one of our technical support team will contact you to resolve the issue.


Can I use VoucherSkout in conjunction with other offers?

Don’t worry, you’ll never need to.

The value you derive from using VoucherSkout means you’ll never need to use it in conjunction with any offer. And we can’t, we already ask so much of our merchant partners, we cannot expect them to offer even more value.


Can I use my account on two phones?

Yes but you will have to enter the same phone number and PIN that you registered with.


What if i forgot my PIN?

You can go to edit me in your personal profile to change your PIN. We don’t use passwords only numbers to keep things easy. If you forget your PIN on sign up it’s cool you can easily change it following the simple steps.